Make the eating place light in weight but durable in nature

When your clients visit your office, you could offer them the food within office premises by getting some parcels. You could serve them in the plates that are reserved for delegates so that they do not feel it to be a disrespect to them. They would also be comfortable while pulling or pushing the table slightly towards them or to opposite side to make enough space and comfort for them to lean on to the table and have their food. For this purpose it is more appropriate to have the wood dining table of space sufficient for two people. If you expect more clients you could combine the tables so they form a big space for all of them to have.

If you are not running an office, then do not think that these tables are not for you. You are mistaken, if you are running an ice cream parlor or the beverages shop it is likely that people would come in a group of two or three or at max four. So, for them the simple wood dining tables of small size would be most applicable. Also, they would be more meaningful when you use them in the eat outs where the hot beverages are served. Even the cold beverages would be accumulating some water which are easy to wipe off when the surface is wood. So, having said this the wood tables are most convenient to have.
You could also plan them to arrange in the deck where you have sufficient space for a small table so as to have dinner in the cool breeze outside. Since the deck would be covered with blinds or other sort covering material, you would not be harmed by any kind of insects. So, hope you would find these to be useful for you irrespective of the location where you want to place them.